What Fancy Glasses Do.

1. Fancy Glasses, looking by the window on a rainy day. 2. Fancy Glasses at work (but on a Mac, of course). 3. Fancy Glasses like fashion. 4. And art too. 5. They like to gather with friends, but also sometimes 6. they prefer to stay alone. 7. Or just to sit on a bench.


4 thoughts on “What Fancy Glasses Do.

  1. emilystank says:

    “What Fancy Glasses Do” is a very unique title that perfectly expresses the essay. It is a fun and whimsical title and plays into this theme of glasses and how they “interact” in everyday life. I love the personification of the glasses. The captions of the pictures add to the theme and express the glasses as if they are a person, “looking out of a window”, “working on a computer”, “hanging with friends”, etc. The first picture of the glasses looking out the window are a nice use of perspective. This is very abstract and a beautiful shot. You capture the texture and color extremely well. The fourth picture of the glasses enjoying art is extremely creative. The contrasting colors of red and white is visually pleasing and the red really pops on the white. The sixth picture of the glasses alone is my favorite. The depth of field is nicely photographed with the blurry background and crisp foreground. I also like that the glasses are alone and taken on a rainy day, whether intentional or not the two concepts play nicely with one another.

    Overall, I am extremely impressed with this essay. So many photographic elements are expressed in this essay. I am in love with the use of color, angles, and ability to bring life to an inanimate object. The order of the pictures is nicely arranged as well. They play off each other and successfully tell a beautiful story.

  2. Amanda Sands says:

    I loved this essay! It is very unique and fun to look at–which, of course, is the goal. Your subject–the heart-shaped glasses–is so funny and entertaining; because they are glasses, they seem to be “looking” somewhere and are always facing in a discernible direction, which gives them character. Giving them the name “Fancy Glasses,” as you did in the captions, was also very clever in affording them a sense of personality.
    The first image shows the glasses “looking” through a window at the outside rain. The second features the glasses using a mouse to navigate its Mac. In the third photo, the glasses are poised, closed, on the face of one of the models on the wall. The fourth image shows the glasses sitting on a sculpture. The next one has the glasses perched on a cement overhang, overlooking a street and a building. In the final photo, the glasses balance in the wooden planks of a park bench.
    Clearly, color plays a large role in this essay. The glasses are bright red, and they are definitely the focus of each image. This causes your essay to function as a story–a day in the life of the Fancy Glasses. I loved how the glasses are in a different position, captured from different angles, in each photo: sometimes open, sometimes closed, from the front, from the side, etc. Also, your use of the techniques we discusses in class is very apparent. You employ such methods as point of view, high angle shot, wide shot, extreme close-up, shallow depth of field, texture, and contrast.
    Two photos I didn’t quite understand were the first and the fourth. In the first, there isn’t much of a focus–aside from the glasses–but I had expected that we’d be able to see what the glasses are looking at outside…but it just ends up being a window screen and rain. I’m also not sure that the extreme close-up was the right shot for this photo. The fourth photo shows the glasses sitting on a giant sculpture, but I only realized that it was a sculpture after staring at it for a while. It is too unclear where the glasses are, what the white structure is, to make for an immediately effective image. It’s a great idea, just I think it could have been executed a bit better.
    I especially liked the fifth and sixth images. The fifth shows the Fancy Glasses among their “friends,” which are just other glasses, but the depth of field used causes the Fancy Glasses to be totally in focus and still steal the spotlight even though they are surrounded by other glasses. The sixth photo uses a shallow (?) depth of field to show what the glasses see as they look over the city street. I love the reflection of the glasses in the rain-shined surface of the cement, and the bleakness of the weather really causes the glasses to stand out.
    Overall, I thought this essay was spectacular, and I’m very excited to see what other work you create! 🙂

  3. nsamonas says:

    The photo essay “What Fancy Glasses Do” personifies a life of a pair of sunglasses. This essay gives life to an object much thought of as an insignificant accessory. The title and captions really complete the idea of the photo essay and pull together the pictures in a necessary way.
    The essay manages to place the subject, the glasses, in a variety of places from a desk studying to an art exhibit while holding together the theme. This is done most effectively through the captions that cleverly directly connect the photos, which would otherwise be individual. The essay is stronger in this sense that each photo has the strength to stand on its own as a great shot or to can be a part of an impressive photo essay.
    While the central subject of each photo is the glasses, the photographer approaches each photo in a unique view. The photographer captures the glasses from a variety of angles including high, low, and close up, extreme close up, and wide shots. The varying presentation of the subject allows the viewer to move with the camera and the essay. This is my favorite aspect of the essay, that the viewer feels mobile and not as if simply looking at the glasses out of context.
    One of the most defining aspects of the essay is the continued theme of red. When looking at each of the photos the viewer immediately finds that red highlight to establish where the glasses are in the shot.

  4. as6882a says:

    This photo essay is focused around a quirky pair of heart shaped sunglasses “traveling” around to different places on American University campus. The common theme stringing the pictures together is the pair of sunglasses.

    The first photo is an example of an extreme close up. The unique lighting also creates contrast between the bright white light and the dark rims of the sunglasses.
    The second photo is an example of a high angle photograph; the viewer is looking down on the sunglasses and the computer. The fourth image is an example of a low angle photograph.

    This photo essay is meant to be corky and light spirited. I think the purpose of this essay is to make the viewer smile and enjoy looking at the pictures of the sunglasses. The title of the essay, “What Fancy Glasses Do.”, goes along with the fun, girly vibe that the pictures portray. I think the captions really contribute to this essay, they tell the story behind the pictures. They truly make it seem as if the fancy glasses are going on an adventure. My overall impression of this essay was very positive, I truly enjoyed viewing it. My only critique would be that the second picture doesn’t feature the fancy glasses enough. So perhaps the photographer could replace the picture or retake it in someway that features the glasses more. But other than that I thought this essay was flawless.

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