Fancy Glasses Dreamin’

Fancy Glasses sleeping,

Their mind is now playing,

Fancy Glasses dreamin’,

Through what they’ve been seeing.


2 thoughts on “Fancy Glasses Dreamin’

  1. kmarcbrown says:

    I really enjoyed this unique photo manipulation. It is a very creative take on your photo essay – this image takes a whole other approach to an already interesting project. One of the first things that caught my eye about this piece was the use of shape and symmetry. There is a really interesting play on form, as well. Moreover, I love the use of colors in this image – they are so vibrant and vivid and truly enhance the feel of the piece. Overall, I think that this photo manipulation is beautiful and it is certainly one of my favorites!

  2. jennamosley says:

    I absolutely love this photo essay! This manipulation is full of color and excitement that it really sparks one’s imagination. I like how the first pair of glasses are black so it appears that one is looking through the fancy glasses. And what they see are the trail of glasses that follow. And because they are heart shaped and looking at this garden bench it makes one feel like they are looking through not just fancy glasses, but also rose colored glasses. While maybe not the intent of the photo, it is an interesting theme. I also enjoyed the use of symmetry and the lightening of color on the side. The lightening of the color on the sides makes it so the fashion photos seem to be coming out of the bushes. It gives the photo a very dream-like feel. While the symmetry of the art pieces on the side give the photo some solidarity and bring it all together. Finally the poem is a very creative way to describe the manipulation and really makes it clear what the photo is trying to convey. Overall, great job!

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