I am a jack of all trades. And I love art.

To me art is what differenciates human beings from animals : we are able to create things that are merely meant to be beautiful. By beautiful, I do not only mean beauty in the formal sense, but also what touch you as a human being. I think art is defined as what is contingent and reaches one. Art is a feeling, art is a say, art is an emotion delivered by the artist. So sometimes, I paint, I draw, I sing, I write, I make movies, I take pictures, I create digital images, I act. I do what I want and I do it because it feels good. When I create, I am being myself, and I am living for myself. When my work is going well I feel good. When it is going bad I feel threatened. I feel challenged. Sometimes panicked. My work is everything I am: passionate, pop, dreamy, enthusiastic, joyful, crazy, ironic, naïve, peaceful, agitated, mad, emotional, sensitive, hardworking, amorous, ardent, insane, exciting, immoderate, wise, involved, foolish, sound, and many things else…

My favorite tool is my hands, because I never forget them anywhere. One cannot figure how absent-minded I can be. My favorite material is the paper. Because it is where everything starts from. Whether you are a writer, poet, compositor, painter, scenarist, musician, photographer, painter, filmmaker, actor, calligraphist, songwriter, printer (and the list just does not stop here), nothing is as good as a good old sheet of paper.


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